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About Us

Design Collab is a multi-disciplinary design studio that combines the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Town Planning to provide complete design solutions backed by comprehensive research to our clients. The firm has a combined experience of nearly 34 years in India and Abroad.  The firm has exposure to both large and small scale projects ranging from Town Planning, Master Planning, University Planning, Large Apartment complexes, Theaters, Malls, Office buildings to private residences.
Many of the leading corporates and builders in India have been the clients of DesignCollab, such as Unitech Group, TATA Telecommunications, India Builders, Adarsh Developers, Land Development Corporation, Ramanashree Group, Ranka Developers, K.T. Group, DBS Corporation, Arun Shelters, maspar, etc. Design Collab has also completed projects for government agencies such as HUDCO, Mysore Development Authority and RITES.

Design Collab believes in designing complete environments and hence have a multi-disciplinary approach to our projects. In today’s dense urban fabric we try to bring in the ‘green’ in our buildings be they factories, villas or high-rises. We believe in maintaing high operational efficiencies during the lifespan of the environment.

Design Collab is joint venture between VersionAbsolute Design Studio, New Delhi and Vagale Design + Development Consultants, Bangalore.