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Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia Ariana New Town, Tunisia

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Ariana New Town, Tunisia

Ariana New Town, Tunisia

The project involved reclaiming 4,000 hectares of land near Tunis after decades of misuse of the marsh basin into which polluted stormwater was discharged changing its function from a haven for migratory waterfowl to a malodorous barren wasteland.

The vision for Ariana was to fully reclaim the quality of the natural environment that had been lost, create a new tourism district for visitors and second-home buyers that will bring jobs and income to the area and provide a revived natural environment for wildlife, and a natural park for viewing.

Three alternative plans were developed for Ariana –  a “Health care city, “a New Business center”,and a “New tourism district”. They all have a combination of living and working neighborhoods for Tunisians as well as resort neighborhoods for visitors and second home owners from Europe and elsewhere.

They all also have the following characteristics:

  • A network of open water and living marshes that provides habitats for wildlife as well as amenities for residents and visitors
  • Highpoints that use fill from dredged aquatic areas to create environments safe from flooding and with greater potential for views
  • Architecture that is in sympathy with, or builds upon, indigenous Tunisian architectural styles and creates a sense of history and character
  • A transportation network that is integrated with existing road ways and that is transit-ready for streetcars and buses
  • A hierarchy of urban spaces for interaction and neighbourhood places for living
  • The difference between each plan is in what drives land use and how the land uses and natural areas are organized.

This project was completed while under the auspices of EDSA, USA.